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A business intelligence software industry pioneer, Decision Technology was established in 1985 as a provider of products to organizations with enterprise mainframe data.

Today, after more than two decades of technical innovation, Decision Technology continues to maintain its commitment to enterprises with mainframe data by providing superior products and placing the highest priority on customer support.



In 1985, Decision Technology launched its business intelligence software product, Decision Analyzer®. This ad-hoc, end-user oriented reporting tool was quickly accepted by organizations with mainframe environments. After more than two decades, Decision Analyzer continues to be sold and supported—a testimony to the power and user-friendliness of Decision Technology’s design philosophy and commitment to customer support.

Decision Technology continues to enhance Decision Analyzer®, keeping it current with the latest evolution of IBM’s operating systems.


Mark Berkowitz

Decision Technology’s president, Mark Berkowitz, has over 30 years experience in the computer software industry and has been involved with information retrieval software from the earliest days of 4th generation languages. Mr. Berkowitz joined DTI in 1994. Prior to that, Mr. Berkowitz was vice president, sales and marketing for Magna Software Company. He also held executive positions with the James Martin group of companies, ADP and Mathematica, Inc. He combines experience in mainframe, midrange and PC-based platforms. Mr. Berkowitz holds a BA degree in Mathematics and a MS degree in Operations Research.


Our Customers

Our customers span all types of organizations including hospitals, banks, insurance companies, educational institutions, and federal, state and local government agencies.