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In today’s data-intensive environment, executives and end users need an intuitive way to retrieve and view mainframe data in its current location and format. They need the ability to integrate their data easily with PC and enterprise applications. Also, IT departments need to make business intelligence available to everyone who needs it without adding more hardware or increasing support resources. You can accomplish these critical objectives easily and efficiently with Decision Analyzer®.

Decision Analyzer® makes it easy to create reports, spreadsheets, and extract files from mainframe data ready to export to other enterprise applications using either a Windows or Web browser client. Because Decision Analyzer formats information exactly the way users need it, they are more independent and productive. Users simply respond to a series of dialogs to create a request. They don’t need to know complicated mainframe commands or programming syntax. This makes the whole organization more productive and gives you a higher return on your mainframe hardware and software investment.


Key End User Features

  • Easy To Use: Respond to a series of dialogs to create and run a request.
  • Report Designer: Design reports using a “drag and drop” interface.
  • Output Formats: Save output in various formats for use by other applications such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Access mainframe data including VSAM, sequential files on tape, DB2, IMS, DL/I and Adabas.
  • Extract Mainframe Data: Create PC-ready extract files in various formats including Excel, DBF and SQL Server.

Key IT Support Features

  • Performance: Run under your existing mainframe protocols. Read data, sort, and create output in batch with object code efficiency.
  • Control: Set record limits and the size of output files. Provide centralized libraries. Configure authorization by user.
  • Security: Run under your existing system or database security. Use the optional security features for access to files, fields, and records based on field values. Keep all data files on the mainframe with read-only access.
  • Easy Setup & Deployment: Setup and deployment is often completed in a single day.

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